There is a huge network of paths with a variable landscapes, level of difficulty, attractions etc in the National Park. These paths have been the only connection between the villages for centuries. Today the path network allows visitors to admire and enjoy the whole territory, through different types of paths.  Some of the paths throughout the park are not well signposted or maintained.  Thus, we remind you that the paths of the Tzoumerka, Peristeri and Arachthos Gorge National Park must be always walked with good weather conditions, and by people having a good hiking experience.

Take with you comfortable walking shoes, first aid kit, and water. Don’t forget your map of the area, your field guides and binoculars!

You should always remember that none of your actions harms the landscape, animals, or plants. Please, respect other people’s peace and privacy.

Some of mountaineering and hiking trails in the National Park area are the following, without this meaning that is unique or better than those not mentioned.

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