Acheloos is the second longest river in Greece (about 220 km) and flows through villages, located in the Athamanika and Koziakas Mounts. It constitutes an important fluvial ecosystem with unique natural landscapes all the way from its springs to its mouth, hosting rare plants and animals. Even from ancient times, several civilizations developed on its banks, the traces of which, such as forts, settlements, stone-paved paths and stone arched bridges, are still preserved. The river flows for centuries inspiring admiration and awe!

The upstream flow of the Acheloos is known as Aspropotamos (meaning the white river) and it is within the National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri and Arachthos Gorge. Aspropotamos is also known for its clearness and crystal water. The Aspropotamos springs from Mount Peristeri in an altitude of more than 2,000 meters and near the alpine pond of Verligka. Chaliki is the last village before going up the southern sides of Mount Peristeri in order to find the Acheloos’ springs. The most important streams, reinforcing its bed, are Ronas, Kraniotikos, and Lepenitsa.

After forming a wonderful delta at its mouth, the Acheloos River empties into the Ionian Sea, south of the Echinades Islands. Over the last decades the natural course of the Acheloos River has been disrupted, due to the construction of important hydropower dams, such as the ones of Kremasta, Kastraki, Stratos and Tavropos.

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