Information Centers

The Management Authority of the National Park operates six information centers within the protected area, at the following locations: Chouliarades, Pramanta, Agnanta, Vourgareli, Neraida, Kalliroi.

The main duties of our information centers are to inform visitors about the Protected Area, the Authority’s work, as well as about issues related to tourism and outdoors activities within the National Park.

Contact Information:

Chouliarades Information Center:  Tel & Fax:  2651053270

Pramanta Information Center: Tel & Fax:  2659062322

Agnanta Information Center: Tel.:  2685031490

Vourgareli Information Center: Tel & Fax:  2685024334

Neraida Information Center: Tel & Fax:  2434032004

Kalliroi Information Center Καλλιρρόης (Tria Potamia): Tel.: 6959999975

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