Brief history

The origins of the foundation of the National Park are anchored as far back as 1995 and were firmly supported by the local authorities and political leadership.

The Special Environmental Study, was approved on the 2 February 2007 and encloses the general framework (zoning, regulations, management authority council etc.) for the effective management of the protected area.

On top for that a series of common ministerial decisions sets the provisions of the operation of the Management Authority, the organization chart, the rules of the financial management/ operation of the National Park, the rules for procurements/ tenders etc.

On 12 February 2009, the area occupied by the mountain ranges of Tzoumerka (Athamanika Mounts), Peristeri (Mount Lakmos) and the Arachthos River gorge was identified as National Park by virtue of Presidential Decree (Official Government Gazette 49Δ/12.02.2009) and the Management Authority was founded.

The Administrative Board of the Management Authority was firstly formed on 16 September 2009 (Official Government Gazette 415/16.09.2009). But it was only in January 2012 that the Management Authority got staffed.


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