Protection Zones

The basic organisation of the National Park consists in establishing a graded system of protection zones (4 zones in total), each one with its own protection level and special regulations.

The first two zones (Zone Ι: Nature Protection Areas and Zone ΙΙ: Landscape, Habitats and Species Preservation Areas) are characterized by a higher protection than the Zone ΙΙΙ (National Park Area) and the Peripheral Zone (Zone IV), where the protection is lower.

The protection zones of the National Park and the areas they occupy are listed in the following table:

ZONES Name Area (km2)
(Zone I)

Area for the Protection of Nature

Zone Ia: Arachthos Gorge 44
Zone Ib:  Upstream of Kalaritikos River 21
Zone Ic: Pachtouri – Athamania 26
Zone Id: Tsouma – Plastari – Koutsouro 12
(Zone IΙ)

Area of Conservation of the Landscape, habitats  and species

Zone IIa Tzoumerka – Kakarditsa 107
Zone IIb Peristeri 120
(Zone III)

National Park’s Areas

National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri and Arachthos Gorge 393
(Zone IV)

Buffer Zone

Zone IVa: Southwest area of Tzoumerka 51
Zone IVb: Area of Katsanochoria 17
Zone IVc: Area of Western part of Peristeri Mount» 14
Zone IVd: Southeast part of Tzoumerka 12

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